The German Jagdpanther is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, tank destroyers of WWII. The performance of the 8.8cm PaK gun and the need for effective, mobile anti-tank weapons was well understood by the Germans.

After finishing the race a small number of PzKpfw V Panther and Jagdpanther were sent to England, but curiously not sent whole but their parts (obtained from German factories) and then mount them there. After extensive testing done with them, some were abandoned and other employees as targets for test firing of the British Army in its training camps. The Jagdpanther (Sd.Kfz 173) has been fifty years at a shooting range in Britain, until the eye of a private collector spotted him buying it and then restore it to running condition.


There is almost zero information about restoration, but i found few images of recovery and little bit of restoration itself. No roof and left side is almost destroyed.

Vechicle was in very bad condition...

Frontal plate in good condition but overall completeness of tank... Only few parts left, but the hull itself is in adequate condition.

Remains of chasiss.

Not a simple thing to recover that)

Here we can see gearbox and transmission parts.

Here we can see second Jagpanther...

condition even worse it's in two parts...

Remains of a gearbox inside of second tank. Pehaps it can be restored too, but it will be hard to find all needed parts and to fix the hull damage.

Our Jagdpanther, whats left of gearbox, transmission and chassis, torsions... much damage.


Found only this one photo, hull is restored completly and being painted.

Engine running.

Gun installation.

The engine and gearbox come from the Panther displayed at Overloon

Running condition

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