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Dummies and decoys are fake military equipment that are intended to deceive the enemy. Dummies and decoys are only one aspect of military deception. During World War II, multiple dummy airMilitary Fakefields and even towns were used in England to divert German bombers from the real targets. 

At the Battle of La Ciotat in August 1944, American aircraft dropped around three hundred of dummy paratroopers (Paradummies) and explosive devices that simulated rifle fire, just north of La Ciotat, France. The goal of this operation was to divert German troops away from the main landing zones of Operation Dragoon. 

Additionally, during World War II, Operation Quicksilver was an attempt to mislead the Germans as to the location of the D-Day invasion using dummy military equipment. The operation was carried out by means of false radio signals purporting to show units massing in southeastern England, together with false reports to German intelligence by double agents provided by the Double Cross System. 


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