24/04/2015 to 04/05/2015
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To take highly professional group of re-enactors to south west Bohemia (The Czech Republic) to commemorate the advance of the U.S 4 th Armored Division toward demarcation line to meet with Soviets there and liberation of Pilsen by the U.S. 16th Armored Division, to remember the soldiers involved and to educate the inhabitants and participants of the debt owed, through the medium of authentic vehicles and reenactors as various elements of U.S. armored troops fighting skirmishes against collapsing German forces.

Please understand from the outset that you will have to adhere to the program and that you will be obliged to wear the uniform and insignia specified, in this case 4th and 16th Armored Division units for the period April – May 1945. If you turn up dressed as 101st Airborne, Rangers, 2nd Armored Division, 17th Cavalry, 2nd Marine Division, 333rd QM laundry Company (coloured) or any other unit, YOU will NOT be allowed to participate in the event and we will consider its obligations to you avoid.


What vehicles and equipment will be used at this event is subject, as always, to the balance of availability, costs and crews and no guarantees are made as to what vehicles or units will be present. However there is list of vehicles which are ready to participate: 

  • 2x medium tank M-4
  • 2x light tank M-24
  • 4x light tank M-5
  • 7x armored car M-8 for recon
  • 7x halftrack for armored infantry
  • 6x H-D WLA bike
  • 2x ¾ ton truck
  • 5x 2 ½ ton truck
  • 24x ¼ ton truck
  • Plus kitchen, supply, maintenance, medical and HQ elements

Dates: Friday 24th April 2015 to Monday 4th May 2015

Start point: Volary, The Czech Republic

End point: Plzeň (Pilsen), The Czech Republic

Mileage to be covered: Approximately 200 miles in total

What can you expect from the trip ?

That 4 th Armored together with 2nd Armored In Europe will work very hard to get the best trip possible for all participants, you can expect to be cold, wet and tired, there are no hotels, toilets or showers on the trip, expect to crap in a hole you have dug and wash from a steel pot for the duration of the entire event, expect to be dirty and to be unsure of what is happening or where you are, expect to have to cling to the rear deck of a Sherman as it bounces across country and then expect to have to launch an assault boat to cross a river. This is no 2 day public show with neat equipment behind a rope, this is as close to the real thing as you can get, the public will be real foreigners and there will be no rope between you and them.


We can safely say that this is a re-enacting/living history/military vehicle experience like no other, available with no one else, to portray the actual unit, in the actual place, on the actual anniversary with likeminded dedicated people as part of an authentically composed, large unit is something that 100 years of normal reenacting can simple not come close to, you will be tired, you will be cold, you will be wet, you will wish you had not come (possibly at times), but you will learn more about what it was actually like then than through any other medium. This all works on the individual working as part of a team, everyone is equally important ( whether this is your first trip or your twenty first), this will be the 70th anniversary, the last with any groups of veterans attending and will not to be repeated, miss it and you miss out, it’s as simple as that, this is the once in a lifetime experience.


There are regional coordinators and these should be your first point of contact. If you are considering your attendance let your coordinator know your name and contact info immediately. You will be contacted with more details soon:


VolaryPrachatice District, South Bohemian Region
Czech Republic



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