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The story of Cove during the Second World War, told through the experiences of residents and soldiers called up to fight, is laid out in a book published 16 years ago.

The second book by Arthur Lunn, who was an army recruit himself in 1940, Cove: A Village at War contains some fascinating images telling the story of how Cove was affected during the war.

From the allotments families used to supplement their rations to the bombs that fell on Cove between Blundens Farm by West Heath railway bridge and North Farm in Hawley, the book is an insight into life in the village during that turbulent period.

Even after the war, the threat from the air was not over. A German fighter plane, a Dornier 335 of experimental design, being flown by an RAF officer stationed in Farnborough crashed into Cove School in January 1946, killing the pilot but narrowly missing the children and teachers inside... (more information and images at: http://www.gethampshire.co.uk/news/nostalgia/book-tells-story-cove-through-7947005)


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