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The Bristol Beaufighter was one of the first and most successful night fighters of the RAF. Unconfirmed WWII legend states that Japanese soldiers referred to the Bristol Beaufighter as "Whispering Death". At the end of 1940 in a dark colour scheme, Beaufighters were much quieter than most aircraft of the time and the Mk.IF night fighter variant incorporated a ranging radar set that could pick out targets on the blackest nights. Once targets were found, stealth went out the window. Four 20mm cannons rapid firing and six .303 machine guns in the wings ensured that enemy targets were shredded in volcanic gouts of fire and. They gave the Beaufighter enormous fire-power and made it one of the most heavily armed fighters of  World War II. Kit features nav. compartment with figure, landing gear up or down, and two decal sets.

Review by Julien.- It maybe an older kit but its the only game in town for 1.32 Beaufighter. Despite its age it should make up to be a good looking model. recommended... (see more at:


Review by By Chris Novak.- This is the only "Twin-engined" fighter in my collection right now but it won´t be the last ( 3 more "Beaus" are waiting in the closet!) Made from the old Revell issue nearly one year ago it was really a challenge, not only because it was the first kit where I tried to engrave those horrable big raised panel lines but also there is nearly unbelievable space in wing and fuselage for construction details and interior!... (see more at


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