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This FlugWerk Fw190A-8/N replica was assembled for Rudy Frasca by Matt Nightingale. It is an extremely well built aircraft with great attention to detail. It has parts from original factory, the airframe carries a Focke Wulf serial number. Sounds beautiful with the PW-R2800 installed under the cowling (Its more reliable, economic, and more parts are available for them than for other engine options considered when constructing this aircraft ). Even the paint shades are matched to official records. It is a credit to the guys who put it together.

The Fw was given the name "Butcher bird" by the Germans well before it entered frontline service. The A/C has the fastest roll rate of any WWII fighter. The FW 190 was certainly the best at the time of its launch in 1941. 

Be great to see it fly in formation with other allied warbirds.


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