Sound amazing! Watch and listen to these Curtiss P-40 Warhawk & Kittyhawk test firing their .50 caliber machine guns, firing even in flight! The P-40 first flew in 1938 and was used until the end of WWII. The P-40 airplane, built by Curtiss-Wright, is a single-place, all-metal, low wing monoplane, powered with one Allison engine which drives a 3-bladed Curtis Electric costant-speed propeller. The eary P-40 types carried in the nose two fixed .50 caliber Browning electrically controlled mchine guns synchronized to fire trough the propeller and two .30 caliber free-firing Browning machine guns mounted in each wing panel. This wing guns are electrically controlled trough selenoids attached to each gun and may be fired in pairs or in salvo (all together). The P-40D carries the same armament with exception of .50 caliber wing guns replacing the .30's formely used. The P-40F carries and aditional in each wing panel making a total of six machine guns.        




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