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When the British landed in Normandy on D-Day, they had one main objective: seize the key city of Caen from where William the conqueror had sailed for England nine centuries ago. Capturing Caen would give the Allies a base from where they could conduct deeper offensives into France. But the frontal advance was held up a German Panzer division and so a murderous slog began.

Frustrated, British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery planned to outflank the enemy and committed his best divisions into the advance. In the lead was the veteran British 7th Armoured Division, the famed “Desert Rats,” who had seen extensive action in North Africa. Initially the advance went on as planned but when the British came upon the town of Villers-Bocage, their fortunes began to slide. As the “Desert Rats” began to occupy the town, the Germans attacked – setting the stage for one of the most controversial battles of the Normandy Campaign.

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