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6 June 1944

06.39 – H-Hour – D, E and F companies of 2nd Ranger Battalion approach the Normandy coast in a flotilla of twelve craft.

07.05 – Strong tides and navigation errors mean the initial assault arrives late and the 5th Ranger Battalion as well A and B companies from 2nd Battalion move to Omaha Beach instead.

07.30 – Rangers fight their way up the cliff and reach the top and start engaging the Germans across the battery. Rangers discover the casemates are empty.

08.15 – Approximately 35 Rangers achieving the secondary objective of building a roadblock.

09.00 – Six German guns are located and destroyed using thermite charges.

For the rest of the day the Rangers repel several German counter-attacks. During the evening, one patrol from the Rangers that landed at Omaha beach make it through to join the Rangers at Pointe du Hoc.

7 June 1944

The Rangers continue to defend an even smaller area on Pointe du Hoc against German counter-attacks.

Afternoon – A platoon of Rangers arrives on an LST, with wounded removed.

8 June 1944

Morning – The Rangers are relieved by troops arriving from Omaha beach.



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