Episode Three, entitled Carentan, explores Easy Companys participation in the Battle of Carentan. This battle commenced on June 8, 1944, and will continue until the 506th is relieved by the 83rd Infantry Division and Tanks of the 2nd Armored Division on June 27th.

In the opening scene, an Easy Company member, Pvt. Albert Blithe, stands alone in a field, staring at the sky in a daze, most likely shock. He is found by his fellow soldiers who take him to a rallying point near the French village of Carentan. The men muster up for an operation that will liberate Carentan, which is heavily fortified by the German army.

Easy approaches Carentan and are fired upon by the Germans. Initially pinned down in ditches along a road leading there, they manage to advance and take out armed positions. The German army opens fire with heavy artillery and many of Easy's men are killed or severely wounded. As Lt. Winters organizes the operation, he is hit by in the leg by a ricocheted bullet. While Blithe joins his comrades in the battle, he suddenly becomes blinded. His sight returns not long after.

Easy is ordered to the outskirts of Carentan to secure a larger perimeter. As they approach a large gully, they are engaged by a German armored unit. There is ample cover for both sides and a stalemate begins. Blithe, still in shock, cowers in a foxhole. He is lectured by Lt. Speirs about bravery in combat. When the battle starts up the next morning, Easy sees the German unit being reinforced by several tanks. The battle (called "Bloody Gulch") becomes even more furious and desperate for Easy, but they manage to hold the line. Lt. Welsh and another private are able to take out a German tank with a bazooka and Winters is able to stir Blithe into combat. As the German armor advances the American 2nd Armored Division arrives and engages the Germans, who are routed. Blithe approaches the German line and finds the body of a soldier he shot; he takes the edelweiss flower from the dead man's coat and keeps it.


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