The 8th Bomber Command {8th Army Air Force}, stationed in England, prepares for and executes a daylight precision bombing mission on several German cities, including Brandenburg, Danzig, Goynia, and Marienburg. Reel 1, animated maps locate bombing targets. Reel 2, technicians, particularly of Operational Research, study and outline the bombing mission, Reel 3, oral and written orders follow high-level consultations on intelligence, operations, navigation, and bombing; bombs are loaded on airplanes. Reel 4, crews of planes are awakened, eat breakfast, and begin extensive briefing on their missions. Reel 5, briefings continue. Reel 6, crews arrive at air fields, receive final briefings, board planes, check equipment, and take off. The composition of a fighting "group" is described in detail. Reel 7, after being intercepted by German fighter planes, the bombers reach their targets and disburse for bombing runs. Reel 8, targets are bombed and groups reassemble for the return to England.Reel 9, planes land and crews are interrogated. Reel 10, interrogation continues and information and combat photographs are utilized in upper-echelon critiques. Reel 11 shows miscellaneous combat shots, as the narrator pays tribute to the Air Force.


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