What do you do, if you happen to find a tank sunk in a bog? Well, you pull it out. Who said it is easy? 

I recently got my hands on a 15 years old VHS tape, so sorry for the quality. The footage in it shows how a group of enthusiasts dig out a legendary soviet T 34 tank sunk in Pienava bog near Dzukste, Latvia at December 1944. By following stories and legends they found two tanks, one of them you can see in the video.

After several hard days the tank was finally out. It had 43 cannon shells, machinegun`s discs and hand grenades inside but no remains of the crew. What`s most surprising? - after several weeks of cleaning and minor repairs they got the engine working after more than 50 years spent in bog, as you can see in the end of the video. 

The tank as far as I managed to find out is now exposed in Museum of military vehicles near Daugavpils, Latvia: www.latvia.travel


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