This is an interesting footage of a walkround into the Swiss Military Museum, located in the Swiss town of Full. The video shows a disassembled King Tiger. This tank was given to Switzerland by France after the war. Hull number 280215 from s.H.Pz.Abt 506. A group has been working on the restoration of this tank since Autumn 2007.  It will be completely restored to running condition in a long-term project. 

This is one example of only a handful of such vehicles existing worldwide. It shows some details of the hull and turret, and might be interesting for modellers or those who just like big tanks.

The restoration project involves immense expense, despite the many thousands of working hours given generously by museum's voluntary staff. This is the reason why they need your support

If you want to know more details about restoration process, you can visit its museum website and see its photo galleries, which show through many stunning pictures how the King Tiger tank arrived to the museum and how volunteers are making their complete professional restoration and therefore the preservation of a unique masterpiece of warfare and history. Here I leave some pics, thanks to museum courtesy.

Arrival and dismantling

Original state of vehicle

Final drives

Suspension components



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