Located 20km northeast of Hitler's Wolfschanze "Wolf's Lair" are the Mauerwald OKH Headquarters. These bunkers unlike those at the Wolf's Lair were not destroyed at the end of WW2 and are still in great shape. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Bunkers tour:

  • 30 m underground tunnel between bunker 28 and 30.
  • View from the 125ft tower.
  • Shelters 11, 12 have much huge dimensions and interior over years were recognized as a secret factory halls for the production of German U-Boats, which were to be transported/serving Lésniewo on the Baltic Sea.
  • That is now the legend of U-boats in Mamerki.
  • Bunker 12, large central heating boiler room.
  • Bunker 9, 2 room shelter.
  • Bunker 7, pumping/water treatment.
  • Bunker 3, transformer station.
  • Bunker 5, large room air raid shelter.
  • Bunker 6, large 5 room air raid shelter.
  • Top of Bunker 5.


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