A new discovery has been done by Paul G. Allen and his research team on boarding of R/V Petrel, his new research vessel outfitted with the latest deep sea exploration technology. It's the wreckage of the Italian destroyer: Artigliere RM. The Italian government was notified of the discovery and of the location and data to confirm the identity of the wreckage. 

The wreck of Artigliere RM was discovered along the Sicily-Malta, more than 3,600m below the surface escarpment, during an expedition in the Mediterranean Sea in March 2017, as Paul G. Allen's Website reported. 

Artigliere RM (AR hull ltr.s) was a Soldati class destroyer, also known as Camicia Nera class. It was laid down 15 february 1937, launched 12 December 1937, and commissioned 14 November 1938.

Starboard side view of the Italian destroyer Artigliere (Photo Credit)

This warship was lost 13 October 1940, sunk by HMS York after being stopped, abandoned and on fire forward after an engagement with the British cruiser HMS Ajax at the Battle of Cape Passero the previous day. There was 122 survivors who were rescued the next day by the Italian Navy. The 132 casualties included the CO, Captain Carlo Margottini. 

The Battle of Cape Passero (1940), was a Second World War naval engagement between the British light cruiser HMS Ajax and seven torpedo boats and destroyers of the Regia Marina, southeast of Sicily, in the early hours of 12 October 1940. It took place in the aftermath of a British supply operation to Malta.

The Artigliere is finished by a torpedo from HMS York in the morning of 12 October (Photo Credit)

Artigliere, with HMS Orion and HMAS Sydney on the background after the engagement (Photo Credit)

The main armament of the Artigliere RM consisted of four 120 mm/50 calibre guns in two twin turrets, one forward and one aft, while torpedo armament was two triple 21 inches (530 mm) torpedo tubes. A short (15 calibre) 120 mm gun was mounted on a pedestal between the banks of torpedo tubes for firing starshell, while the anti-aircraft armament consisted of twelve 13.2 mm (0.52 in) machine guns. The ship' powerplant, with two geared steam turbines driving two shafts and generating 48,000 shaft horsepower (36,000 kW), and with one large funnel, was sufficient to propel the destroyers to 38 knots (70 km/h; 44 mph).

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The wreckage of Artigliere RM is in pretty good condition as is shown by the taken images during the expedition. The exact site of the wreck won't be revealed. It's considered a war gravesite.


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