This video is a short summary of the discovery, the diving and the salvage of the German fighter Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2/R6 “Yellow 3” that made an emergency landing on the sea close to Nærøy on the 24th of March 1943. It was recovered 2010 from a depth of 67 meter. The recovery was performed by teams from NLM, BLHF, Nærøy Aquaservice, Folla Diving Club and the crew aboard the ship “Camilla”.

As Norsk Luftfartsmuseum says: 

"We are now restoring this fighter in our workshops at Bodø. Some vital main parts are rebuilt by companies abroad. The tail is already rebuilt in Hereg, Hungary in the workshops of Karl Birczak. The wings are now being assembled in the same workshops. The aft portion of the fuselage, being of a special construction, is assembled in the workshop of Leichtbau GmBH in Freising, Germany. The front section is being assembled in our workshop here in Bodø. When finished, the aft fuselage will be mated to the front fuselage in Bodø.

A second group of volunteers are busy restoring the engine in the premises of MoMek situated in a town (Mo I Rana) just south of Bodø. The DB 605 A-1 engine is of a V-12 type. In the Messerschmitt the engine is installed upside down. A cooperation with the aviation museum at Sola, Stavanger benefits both our museums. A trade of parts and work helps us to save both money and time spent on our both projects. Having collected original parts for a Messerschmitt project long before the recovery of “Yellow 3” enables us to speed up the rebuild considerably."


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