The Battery "Sperrbatterie Frederikshavn" is located in Frederikshavn (Denmark); it was part of the Atlantic Wall. Frederikshavn is a Danish town in Region Nordjylland, on the northeast coast of the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. Immediately after the occupation of Denmark in April 1940, the Germans built the first gun battery on Pikkerbakken, just south of Frederikshavn. The port was an important naval base for the German supply line to Norway and so required protection against enemy warships and bombers. Expansion of the area began in late 1942, with the casting of bunkers to include close defence and a massive command bunker for the German commander of north Jutland.

In autumn 1943, the gun battery was upgraded to four 15-cm. guns with a range of 18 km., which replaced the former 12,0-cm Danish guns. These guns came from the Danish 1923 Cruiser "Niels-Juel", which had been seized  by the Germans in August 1943. The guns that were operational in the spring of 1944 were manned by 1/521 MAA (150 men). Three were built into casemates and one was placed in an open position. South of the gun battery, a super modern anti aircraft (flak) battery was built with four 105 mm. aircraft guns. In addition, two 12-cm Danish guns emplaced in 1941, probably not used, but left in place because of their 360-degree field of fire for land defense. 

Photos taken by Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer. He is a is a full time fine-art, landscape and travel photographer based in Denmark. Do not reproduce, copy or distribute these photos. WW2live has special and granted permission from the Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer to use these photos. 


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