This Tank was extended during rescue action on 19th April 2011 in Stargard Szczecinski (West Pomerania) - on terrain of former airport in Kluczewo, and by the decision of Conservator of Heritage in Szczecin, the tank passed on to our Museum’s gathering. The vehicle was discovered after a local man noticed a fragment of it at a nearby scrap metal yard. This was unusually organized guided rescue action. By 2 days the employee of museum with huge support of historical societies and the private firms, managed to save the valuable relic of military technique. Only thanks the accidental discovery, that unique tank was find out on depth about 5 meters. 

The armoured vehicle had been hit in its frontal armor. Sometime after WWII the vehicle was stolen and parted out. As a result later researchers found three separate parts of a hull. Panzer IV is unique in the AFV world – there’s only several objects in museums collection. In Poland is only one so complete tank. In today in polish military collections not possible is look at the most popular German tank from which fought Polish Army.

They made first step in protecting: tank was cleaned up and painted with anti rust paint. At present all his elements be stored. First public demonstration of tank took place during XIII Rally of Military Vehicles in Darlowo (23-26 June 2011, West Pomerania). 

This decision was the good solution. As a result many hobbyists have declared their interest in rebuilding the tank. They are going to assembly of all reconditioned parts and fabricate any of those elements missing. With the hull assembly together now and all wheels and bogies on, the engine can be placed in it's compartment and tested so the tank can move on it's own power. In order to deal with the further renovation money is essential. The preliminary cost of the reconstruction is ca. 100.000 PLN (30.000 USD)

Such a high cost is beyond capacity of the museum. In these circumstances the Museum looks for donations as well as benefactors and volunteers for this project who are interested in preserving the remnants of the past. The idea of living history is not possible without zeal of hobbyists. Nowadays the main exhibition of our museum displays of the Maybach HL120 TRM engine and open gearbox. As a result every visitor can see the heart of the tank. .

We have hope, that with Your support, tank Panzer IV will be soon vital element in the collection of Museum of Polish Arms, and as German vehicle, it will be the counterweight for Soviet armoured vehicles with period of fights on Pomerania in 1945 r. The Our project of reconstruction of tank is also great chance on recovery the cultural heritage and the restoration to life the history of military. They warmly invite You to co-operation!

Thanks to Muzeum Oręża Polskiego Koł, gk24.plOdkrywcaJoe Monster and Alex, a great Geek of World War II, and because of their generosity, all of us can enjoy awesome pictures taken by them from the Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf. J found in Poland in April 2011. Alex said in War Relics Forum: "In the right place at the right time - my dream holiday".

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