Was the T-34  in the 21st century in use in any way, shape, or form? There is plenty of video and photographic evidence of other T-34’s being involved in the Bosnian War and it is generally accepted that this was the last conflict in which the T-34 saw action.

On 3 May 1995, a Bosnian Serb T-34-85 attacked an UNPROFOR outpost manned by the 21st Regiment of the Royal Engineers in Maglaj, Bosnia, injuring six British peacekeepers, one of them permanently. Croatia inherited 25 or 30 from Yugoslavia, but has since withdrawn them from service.

We know the last confirmed action involving a T-34 was during the Bosnian War.  There were still some there recently, however they had not been used for years, were only kept as targets for military exercises and were not used for their original purpose.  In 2008 thieves liberated three of them to sell as scrap metal.  So while there could still be some T-34’s in the hands of the military, they can hardly be described as active.


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