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 HQ Batallón) October 30, 2016

30 strangest pics of World War 2! These mysterious unexplained weird & funny WWII photos should not exist!

30) Leave no man behind!

30) When you got to go you got to go. Even when someone creepy is just standing there staring at you.

28) Is there something on my boob. I think there’s something on my boob.

27) Pants off dance off.

26) Say hello to my little friend.

25) Nice try man, wait your turn.

24) And the Afghani rebels thought they had the idea first.

23) Oh look, it’s Holland’s take your soldier to school day. 

22) Man I’m glad the library finally re-opened, I really needed a new book.

21) Traffic! Seriously! Come on!

20) Yeh, that’s going to keep you safe from German bullets. Amsterdam’s Dam square may not have been the best place to take cover when the German’s came.

19) They may take our lives, but they’ll never take, our freedom.

18) Hey Fred I can see your house from here, oh, oh crap, they just blew it up

17) Bombs & Breakfast. The cool kids wouldn’t let me sit at the table.

16) I’m sorry! I swear I won’t pee on your boots again, really, I swear.

15) Don’t worry, I got this - This is actually an anti-tank dog trained & used by the Russians. They were trained to look for food under tanks. In combat they strapped a 25 pound or so mine to their backs that detonated when under the enemies tank. Where the hell was PETA on this one.

14) Very funny guys, very funny. No seriously jokes over, stop holding my head.

13) One day Pete will get a really tank, one day.

12) A little porking, Yeh, they probably hadn’t seen a woman in 6 months.

11) Yogi graduated from pic –a-nic baskets to beer - A Polish unit actually had a brown bear named Wojtek, who helped move boxes of ammo during battles.

10) The Nazi version of race wars, but they always let the white one win.

9) The original military service dogs. Poor German shepherds.

8) You couldn’t find anywhere else to sleep, seriously, anywhere. And the Nazi’s were supposed to be the superior race. This is the same group who had a submarine was sunk due to malfunction of the toilet.

7) Outside with gas masks, that shit must really stink.

6) Tough guy. World's strongest man, world war 2 edition (Announcers voice).

5) So we can hide you in here… - Hitler actually contracted Ferdinand Porsche, yes that porch, to make a “people’s car” or a Volkswagen, from the word volk, meaning “people” or “nation.” Which lead to the Volkswagen beetle.

4) I’ve heard baby poop stinks, but this is ridiculous.

3) Turns out Yeti has been in Germany all this time.

2) Nothing like a good massage after a stressful flight.

And, #1. Sometimes your outnumbered in war, & sometimes you’re REALLY outnumbered. 

1) Ok, ok, you got me guys, , THIS time - This is actually Col. Biddle one of America’s best individual combat instructors. So good he was recalled to active duty during world war 2 at the age of 68 and he was known for disarming multiple attackers at once, just not this many.


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