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This video is about the 21.Infanterie living history group. The 21st Infantry division Eastern Front Living History Group, a non-profit living history society located in the UK. We are a collection of WWII historians and German vehicle enthusiasts that endeavor to keep the memories, sights, sounds, and smells of the late war 1944-1945 period alive.

Our groups impression and historical research is based around the late war period of 1944-1945. During this time period the 21.Infanterie fought from the siege of Leningrad through the baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and finally East Prussia.

We take part in both public WW2 events as well as private living history weekends at our own locations around the UK. The group also get involved in film and TV work on a regular basis.

We have 2 group permenant locations one in the south and the other in the midlands UK.

Our group is always recruiting and details on how to join us can be found on our website.

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David forde, Production coordinator - 21.Infanterie Division Living history Group

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