Soviet KV-I tank found in Leningrad 65+ years late. Just makes you think about what else is out there just weighting to be found, something new everyday and around every corner! I cannot begin to imagine the numbers of such vehicles still out there, waiting to be discovered. It is amazing how well artifacts are preserved in fresh water in these areas. They have layed out there as a silent reminder of war for many year's and done the job well.Now time for their glory day's. 

The vehicle was found in a forest near Leningrad (Wolchow Front). So it seems might be the victim of an internal explosion after being direct hit, only tank shells can do that much damage. The turret was found several meters from the town and had lost its roof by the blast. The chassis was missing most of its running wheels and the return. 

With the help of tractor remains were dragged out of thatswamp forest to be finally restored and exposed.

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