We participated in reconstructing of the Operation "Varsity", the airborne assault of American and British troops on the eastern bank of the Rhein River. We represented grenadiers from 116th Panzer Division "Windhund". Along with paratroopers from 7thFallschirmjager Division, we launched a series of ferocious counterattacks in order to take back bridges on the Issel River. The majority of these attacks failed, however, German troops managed to capture Hamminkeln (60th grenadier regiment), but the bridge was blown up by the British. This local success, however, could not change the outcome of the "Varsity" operation and Germans were forced to retreat or surrender. Rhein - the last barrier and defensive line in the west of the Third Reich was broken and nothing could stop the advance of the Allies.

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Images provided by Piotr Krukowski from GRH Grenadiere

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