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In 1942 the order is given: the creation of The Atlantic Wall, a vast system of coastal fortifications built by Nazi Germany. Nowadays and after almost seventy years, the invincible bunkers still remain on duty guarding The Atlantic Coast Line from Norway to Southern France.

The Atlantic Wall was basically built to hold the Allies off from entering the heartland of the "Third Reich“ in case of an attack. All together there have been around 8100 fortifications on the Channel Islands and in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands that formed a 2685 kilometer long wall — the longest fortification ever built in such a short time (1942-1944) under one ruler (Adolf Hitler).

Photos taken by Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer. He is a is a full time fine-art, landscape and travel photographer based in Denmark. Do not reproduce, copy or distribute these photos. WW2live has special and granted permission from the Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer to use these photos. 



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