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During the middle stages of WWII, the Semovente M40 which mimicked the very successful German Sturmgeschutz III was proudly used by Italian forces. Using the Carro Armato M13/40's hull, the Semovente M40 came armed with a limited maneuverable but hardy 75mm howitzer with 50mm thick armor to protect its crew. From the end of 1941, the M40 was deployed to the hot North African front and was quickly thrown into action in early 1942 in tank-to-tank battles and supportind duties. The Semovente M40 proved to be very resilient, and was considered as Italy's toughest tank at the North African. 

【 About the Model 】 This is a 1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit. ★Length: 143mm. The Semovente's distinct low profile style is accurately reproduced. ★Features realistic assembly type tracks. ★Tools and exhaust cover have a sharp finish. ★Photo-etched parts for the identification plate and anti-aircraft sight included. ★Adding to the presence of the model are two figures in realistic poses such as the standing Italian officer and sitting tank driver (total 2). Three kinds of markings included. Also included are military insignia decals.

  • North African Front
  • Rome, Italy


(Source: www.tamiya.com)

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