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 HQ Batallón) September 19, 2014
  1. Rommel arriving at Tripoli, Libya, 12 Feb 1941.
  2. Then-General (later Field Marshal) Erwin Rommel in a trench near Tobruk, along with an officer from the Italian contingent that accompanied Rommel on this tour (September 1941, partially colorized by Doug).
  3. Rommel receives congratulations on his promotion to Field Marshal after the capture of Tobruk, Libya. c.1942.
  4. Rommel in North Africa 1942 .
  5. Colonel General Erwin Rommel and General Siegfried Westphal helping with pushing a stuck vehicle, North Africa, early 1941.
  6. Erwin Rommel in conversation with a soldier from the African Corps in the captured city of Tobruk, Libya, June 1942.
  7. Generals Erwin Rommel and Fitz Bayerlein in a command vehicle Sd.Kfz. 250/3 "Greif", June 1942.
  8. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel takes a drink with a member of his 15th Panzer Division near Tobruk, Libya, in 1942
  9. Erwin Rommel during the Battle of El Alamein, 1942


(Source: Phil Barnett - Getty Images - Scherl / Bridgeman Images - German Federal Archive - Pinterest)

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