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Ordinary soldiers asked to do the extraordinary, the British Chindits of Burma in WW2 have earned a fearsome reputation for bravery and sheer bloody mindedness in their drawn out daring raids behind Japanese lines. In a hostile environment, these men, nicknamed after a mythological Burmese temple beast, fought a hard war to win back Burma from the all conquering Japanese army and forged a name that will be remembered in history.
The box contains:

  • Command: Officer with Thompson SMG, Sergeant with M1 Carbine, Medic and radio operator. 2-man 2" mortar team.
  • 10-man Section: 2x NCO with M1 carbine, 2-man Bren Gun team, 6 Chindits with Lee Enfield rifles.
  • 2 Burmese scouts 
  • Mule and handler
  • Random wounded Chindit

Boxed set containing 20 metal miniatures including a mule!


(Source: www.warlordgames.com)

WW2 Timeline: 


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