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En el programa de esta semana hemos realizado un repaso por algunas operaciones o planes secretos que tanto aliados como el Eje, idearon durante la Segunda Guer ra Mundial. Los elegidos fueron:

- El plan W 
- Operación Kathleen 
- Operación Félix 
- Proyecto H.M.S. more


An RAF attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1945 failed, but the Führer soon made the effort moot by committing suicide. Adolf Hitler believed in Vorsehung (providence). The German leader felt that if anything was going to happen to him, such as assassination, there was nothing he could do about more


The details of Operation Foxley, a British attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, were a closely guarded secret for decades. The sniper was perched under a craggy bluff overlooking German Führer Adolf Hitler’s alpine mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. He made a slight adjustment to more

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They were the top spymasters in the Third Reich, two rivals who were shrouded in mystery and sworn to secrecy. With thousands of agents at their command, they were entrusted with Germany's most sensitive intelligence operations in World War Two. In the end, one man would kill for Hitler, more

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This paper represents a semi-formal study of the greatest deception operation of World War II, and possibly the greatest military deception operation in the history of warfare. This was a story that fascinated me from the first time that I had heard the remarkable story of Juan Pujol, more

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