This is a real restored SU-76M from Russian Military History Museum. The SU-76M was main production model of the Soviet SU-70 self-propelled gun. It was based on the T-70 light tank chassis. It mounted the ZiS-3 76.2 mm anti-tank gun. The SU-76M combined three main battlefield roles: more


The Marder II and III were two German tank destroyers based on the Panzer II and Panzer 38(t) chassis, respectively. There were two versions for each, the first mounted modified captured Soviet 7.62 cm F-22 Model 1936 field guns firing German ammunition, while more


Resourceful US Soldiers near Nettunia, Italy rigged up 4 bazookas to fire together and mounted them on a Willys Jeep.  Wish there was more footage.

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