This silent WWII German newsreel shows long range German bomber aircraft making strikes against Allied shipping in the Atlantic sea lanes near Ireland. In 1940, these "back door" raids were commonplace and costly to both sides. On one raid in July of that year for example, the more


The Italian soldiers are often blamed for their performance in World War 2, but usually nobody takes a close look at the state of the Italian Armed Forces in World War 2. This video takes a look at the Italian Army, Navy, Air Force and Industry in 1939 and especially 1940.

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Under Nazi rule, Parisians and French Resistance were subject to brutal interrogations by the Gestapo. These chambers reveal the horrors that took place beneath the Eiffel more

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El protagonista de la entrada de esta semana es un barco, un acorazado de bolsillo de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y si hablamos de este conflicto y de acorazado de bolsillo, su nombre nos viene rápidamente a la mente, el acorazado Bismarck.

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During World War II, gun cameras were commonly used on operational aircraft to record kills of enemy aircraft. Some of this footage survives to this day and is often the source for stock footage in World War II movies, TV more

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Campaign for Norway was a complex series of battles in which Hitler out-gambled Churchill in order to secure a vital resource lifeline for the Third Reich.

After Hitler conquered Poland and was still fine-tuning his plans against France, the British began to exert control of the more


It's a very rare chance to own a piece of istory. An incredible model that must be seen and truly appreciated that look a master craftsman 10 years to built.   

This scale model is unique in the world and it has been built to a massive scale of 1/240th. The scale model is 91'' long, 12'' more

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The movie 'Come What May' ('En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait') set in May 1940, is about one of the greatest population exoduses in modern history, when Germany attacked France. It will be released in USA on May 20th, 2016.

It’s a French historical drama film directed by Christian more



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