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The Graf Zeppelin was Germanys only aircraft carrier in World War II. It was planned to be the first aircraft carrier of the German fleet. It was launched in 1938 but it was never completed and never saw action. After the war it was sunk by the Russian Navy as a target 45 miles north of the penisula Hel, Poland.

It was discovery in 2006. The exact position of the wreck was unknown for decades. On 12 July 2006, the research vessel RV St. Barbara, a ship belonging to the Polish oil company Petrobaltic, found a 265-metre-long (869 ft) wreck 55 kilometres (34 mi) north of Władysławowo, which they thought was most likely Graf Zeppelin. The wreck rests at a depth of more than 80 m (260 ft) below the surface. After the wreck was located, the Polish Navy began a two-day survey of the wreckage to confirm its identity. Using remote-controlled underwater robots, they concluded that they were "99% certain" it was Graf Zeppelin.


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