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A brief article cannot thoroughly survey the vast scope of aeronautical development. During the war, improvements were made in almost everything involving flight and flight support: shipboard gear, such as arresting gear, barriers and barricades; safety and survival gear, including oxygen equipment, anti-G suits and life rafts; aircraft instruments; serological and meteorological equipment; photographic equipment and interpretation; Link trainers and target aircraft and kites for training; and construction materials and finishes. The list could go on and on. A follow-on half century of vigorous development of military technology has yielded few entirely new areas, notably lasers, transistors, infrared devices, supersonic aerodynamics and flight and high-altitude photography. Science and engineering have made great refinements in all areas of Naval Aviation, but in most respects, modern equipment can be traced to WW II antecedents.


Lee M. Pearson - Naval Aviation in WWII -
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