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The Jagdpanther was one of the most powerful tank destroyer of World War II. It carried a powerful anti-tank cannon mounted on a Panther chassis capable of easily piercing any Allied armor, front or rear, and causing massive damage.

The Jagdpanther was essentially a Panther tank that had been extensively modified. Firstly, the tank's main cannon was replaced with an 8.8 cm PaK 43 Anti-Tank Cannon - a considerably stronger weapon that could easily pierce the front armor of any Allied tank, including the M26 Pershing. It also caused massive damage, almost twice as much as a normal tank's gun.

Additionally, the Jagdpanther was fitted with thick, sloping armor. From the front, the Jagdpanther had the thickest armor of any vehicle, and could only be reliably pierced by the heaviest Allied anti-tank guns like the 17 Pounder AT Gun. It was therefore better armored at the front than a King Tiger.

The Jagdpanther was also quite fast for a tank of its size. A powerful engine could accelerate the tank to 5 m/s, slightly faster than most medium tanks. However, the tank was slow to accelerate to that speed, especially when it had to make a lot of turns. Furthermore, the turning speed of a Jagdpanther was poor, and this was very important to consider.

The primary drawback of the Jagdpanther was that it had no turret. For the additional armor, the tank had to sacrifice its turret, having its gun mounted directly into the sloping hull. This means that the Jagdpanther could only attack targets directly in front of it, and the entire vehicle must turn to engage targets at different directions. This was very important because, as mentioned above, the vehicle's rear armor was significantly weaker than its front, making this tank easily-flankable. It should always be supported by anti-infantry units and/or faster tank-destroyers to protect it against flanking maneuvers.

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