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 Teniente) March 20, 2015

Hi all, I have found on Amazon an eBook which tells the story of several hundreds of french citizens (of italian origin, especially sons of people who had left Italy because of their economic conditions, but also because of their antifascist ideals), who - after the September 8th Armistice - decided to join the Army of the Republic created by Mussolini in northern Italy with the help of the Germans.

These volunteers formed one battalion of the well know unit of navy infantry X MAS (led by Comandante Borghese) and they fought till te last days of spring 1945. In particular they had an important role in the battle of the Tarnova Forest, which contributed to significantly delay the advance of Tito's partisans on the italian city of Gorizia. The book - "French Volunteers in Mussolini's Army" - is largely based on the memories and the diaries of the last survivors of the battalion and has lot of pictures both of the volunteers in action and of their equipment and arms. It's a small story, but I think totally unknown till today to those who don't read in italian!


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