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A series of moving shots past a Japanese freighter and passenger ship partly submerged in the bay on 30 July 1945 by USAF. A series of moving shots showing the Italian steamship "Conte Verde" and the Japanese passenger ship "Taruyasu Maru". The history behind these two ships: The "Conte Verde" was completely overhauled in Shanghai and later struck a mine near Shanghai. Was then towed to Maizuru. The "Taruyasu Maru" was attacked by USAF planes on 30 July 1945 and sunk near the Coast Guard ships shown above. At a later date the Japanese floated her. Note the water line marks where the ship had rested underwater for some time. A series of shots showing the Japanese freighter "Ukishima Maru", the mother ship for Japanese submarine chasers, who touched a mine in Maizuru Bay on 17 August 1945. She was empty at the time. Gross Tonnage: 6000 tons; Engine Type: Diesel.


Colonel Tannenbusch (Youtube)

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