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 Teniente) January 20, 2016

A recreation of the famous five-turreted T-35 tank, made by workers at the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company in Yekaterinburg, was on display in the Russian town on Tuesday. 

Mechanics and engineers at the Company worked for more than five months to recreate the design of the famous tank using plans from the 1930s. The main feature of the T-35 was its design that allowed it to hit several targets at the same time.

SOT, Farid Hafizov, Head of Motor and Tractor Department at the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (Russian):

  • "The machine restoration took five months in the Motor and Tractor Department. All the internal mechanical parts were practically made from scratch by copying the original parts. Everything was made in the factory."
  •  "This type of tank had five turrets and it was the only multi-turreted tank that was in serial production at that time."
  • "This machine is well known among Russian tank fans. In the 1930s, 59 units were developed and released in Kharkov."


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