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 Lieutenant) February 23, 2017

We are sure you can't wait more time to go to "The Tiger Collection" exhibition, which will open in early April, in time for Easter Holidays 2017, at The Tank Museum, Bovington (Dorset, UK).

One of the most important atractions of this new exhibition, supported by World of Tanks, is the...read more


The 70 ton Panzerjäger Tiger (P), commonly known as Elefant or Ferdinand return to Europe, seventy-two years after it fell into Allied hands during the battle of Anzio (Italy). In 1944, the Elefants served on the Italian front, but were rather ineffective as their weight of nearly 70 tonnes did...read more


Panzerpictures, Panzers Then & Now video series. Where we take a look at the surviving panzers from today and there Then and Now pictures. And the history of the tank that goes with it.

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