This semi restored 88/56 FlaK 36 was manufactured in 1941. It is one of the few survivors used by the German Africa Korps, during North Africa Campaign between 1941-1943. In 1943 it was sold to Spain within the “Bär Program”, an agreement of financial support from Hitler in Germany...read more

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En el programa de esta semana iniciamos el repaso y enfrentamiento de las biografías de los grandes líderes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y en el primer programa de esta saga enfrentaremos al General de cuatro estrellas George Patton "El viejo sangre y agallas" y al Mariscal de Campo Erwin...read more

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We often hear about the war experiences of British veterans on Forces TV, but not so much those that they fought against. Now, a former German soldier has told us about his memories of battle during the Second World War. Now 92, he joined the army at 17 like his father before him, and went on...read more

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