The heaviest assault gun, the Srurmgeschütz 8.8cm (SdKfz 184), also known as the Ferdinand and the Elefant, resulted from Hitler's frustration at not being able to mount the long-barrel 88mm Pak43/2 L/71 in the Tiger I tank. ...read more


Kure, Japan. Beached, Sunk & Damaged Japanese Shipping (April 12, 1946 - May 31, 1946): 

MC On deck of the Japanese Aircraft Carrier "Ryuho" shows a bomb hole probably caused by a 1000 lb bomb which penetrated the aft flight deck and exploded below. MLS Same as above, different angle...read more


A series of three shots (flat landers) showing aerial mines which landed on the rocks along the coastal waters of Maizuru Harbor, near the village of Kanagasaki. (This shot is dense due to the nature of area where mine landed and distance of camera from shore since an extreme telephoto lens of...read more

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