Sound amazing! Watch and listen to these Curtiss P-40 Warhawk & Kittyhawk test firing their .50 caliber machine guns, firing even in flight! The P-40 first flew in 1938 and was used until the end of WWII. The P-40 airplane, built by Curtiss-Wright, is a single-place, all-metal, low more


This Curtiss P-40B is unique as she is the only remaining airworthy survivor from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941. In additional to this auspicious history she is also the oldest airworthy P-40B in the world.

One of the 131 P40-Bs built at the Curtiss more

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This training film contains an instructional prologue to its dramatic story produced by the United States Air Force during World War II, which features Ronald Reagan as a fighter pilot. Both the prologue and the storyline serve the same purpose: to instruct the viewer on the importance more


Written by the U.S. Air Force to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force, this is a short history of the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Tigers. It was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault and composed of pilots from more

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The Flying Tigers are flying in close formation. Every pilot in that picture is looking at the airplane next to him and trying to maintain his position by maintaining the same view of his neighbor. The pilot in front looking at the camera plane is doing the same thing. Planes were much more

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