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The Museum of World War II is a sacred mission to preserve the lives and heroic actions of all those people who fought on the battle fronts and home fronts to destroy the evil of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is a sacred mission to show the heroism of people who left peaceful lives to defend their country and to liberate the conquered. The Museum uniquely shows the human story interwoven with the military and political events thru all of the artifacts that made up life, from everyday, to the most momentous decisions during the war. The Museum is a sacred mission to save the reality of those who saved the world...

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SCHEDULED VISITS take place five days a week: Tuesday - Saturday. The best times to try scheduling a visit are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, although other days can be arranged. The time visitors spend is individual but our average visit is 3 ½ hours. Please email us at to set up the time and date for your tour... (more information:

Museum of World War II

Rte 9
NatickCondado de Middlesex, Massachusetts
United States
Phone(508) 651-1944

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(Source: Kenneth W. Rendell, Founder and Director -

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