Thank you for preserving history for the younger generation to be able to reflect on and see what caliber of men & women we were so blessed with in that era. Oral histories are very important, especially as these WWII vets are no longer young men. This is an outstanding video, God bless our veterans.

Sergeant Kenneth R. Haines was in the 15th Army Air Force in the European theater during World War II, and was a tail turret gunner in B-24 Liberator Bombers. He talks about the mechanics of missions... assembling the crew, getting a briefing, flying the mission, and debriefing. In this shortened video, he also talks about the daily life of a soldier in the Army Air Force. He was interviewed by his grandson, Kenneth Witzman, himself a student at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) who talks with his grandfather about the awards and medals he earned during his service.


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