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Getting a Plane Wreck JU-52 out of the water. Raising a German aircraft Junkers JU-52 from the bottom of the sea. The aircraft was hit on the left engine and on the wing, while on flames...

On October 3rd, 2006, members of the HAF Underwater Operations Team (KOSYTHE) helped recover a historic Ju-52/3m carrier aircraft from the sea near the island of Leros.

The aircraft had been shot down on November, 13th 1943, during the second day of operations of the Battle of Leros. The previous day 400 German paratroopers had landed on the island, during a dangerous operation in a very narrow area between the Bays of Alinta and Gourna. Despite suffering extended losses, the Germans managed to create a bridgehead, in order to conquest the island’s middle part, essentially cutting it in two.

The HAF decided in favour of the aircraft’s recovery, due to its high value as a museum item. After on site research and videotaping of the aircraft, all the necessary data was collected by the HAF Public Relations Directorate, in order to plan every detail of the operation...(read the full story at: Hellenic Air Force)



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