A series of three shots (flat landers) showing aerial mines which landed on the rocks along the coastal waters of Maizuru Harbor, near the village of Kanagasaki. (This shot is dense due to the nature of area where mine landed and distance of camera from shore since an extreme telephoto lens of 200mm was used for these scenes.) Another shot of a mine which landed among the green hills of Oisu which is located along the N coast of Maizuru Bay. LS Pan overlooking Maizuru Bay as seen E to NE. In the foreground the remnants of fortifications using 5" guns mounted on a base traverse of 360 degrees. LS Looking NE at the Naval Port of Maizuru. LS Looking N showing the entrance to Maizuru Harbor. A series of shots including a pan NW to W showing the W section of Maizuru Bay. A series of shots and a pan SW to W showing the destroyed mountain top fortification which overlooks Maizuru Bay. A series of pictorial scenes showing coastline, Japan Sea, and cliffs along Maizuru to Miyazu, Japan.

A series of four moving shots taken from a launch which shows the Japanese freighter "Gyoryu-Maru", which touched a mine on 10 May 1945 and sunk approx. 250 feet from Karumo Shimas W side which is just outside Kobe Harbor. All that can be seen above water is masts and part of the pilot's cabin. Tonnage of ship = 800. A series of four moving shots showing tje Japanese freighter "Taisei-Maru", which touched a mine on 9 October 1945 inside the breakwater near No. 5 wharf opposite Signal Station, Kobe, Japan. Hull appears above water. Tonnage of ship = 2423. Sunk at 210 degree angle. A series of five moving shots from aboard launch, showing the Japanese passenger and freight ship "Kitsurin-Maru", which touched a mine on 7 August 1945 as it was outbound from Kobe Port for Dairen with passengers and freight. From the position of the two small masts, it appears that the ship broke in two after it hit the mine.

The scenes will show part of the cabin in CU-MLS and CU from the bow to the aft sections. Tonnage of ship = 9575. Sunk at angle of 95 degrees / 450 degrees from Hiraiso L.B. A series of shots moving past the Japanese passenger and freight ship "Nanbatsu-Maru No. 7", tonnage = 2400, which touched a mine (date unknown) at a point 2500 meters from Wadamski Light House. In the far background can be seen the British battleship "HMS Anson" which is at anchor just outside the breakwater of Kobe Harbor. A series of shots showing the Japanese freight ship "Gyoryo-Maru" which touched a mine off the SW coast of Kobe. The scene shows main mast and cabin above water. A series of moving shots taken from aboard a LCM as it passes the following areas: Mitsubishi Shipyards, looking N; Kwasaki Shipbuilding Yards and Drydock; Dock areas at Kobe; Closer shots of the burned-out buildings which include the Customs Office, NYK building and warehouses. (Note all scenes recorded in kobe, Japan on June 4, 1946.)


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