Half of a Soviet T-34 tank from World War II was found in Rostock with human remains inside in 2011. Witnesses remembered that it was the first tanks of the Soviet army, which marched in Rostock on 1 May 1945. The tank was discovered during routine construction work Thursday. The other half of the tank is believed to be across the road, which was known as "Liberation Street" during World War II. 

The outside of the tank was heavily rusted from nearly 70 years underground. Inside the rusted tank, a bomb disposal team identified shells, hand grenades and rifle ammunition.

The tank went into a military museum in Dresden and the the human remains were bedded on a war cemetry.

Photos courtesy of The Local, DPA - NDR Fotograf, Rainer Jarohs



www.thelocal.de | www.ndr.de | Jan Gertz (Youtube)

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