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U-166 is the only U-boat sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. In July 1942, the German U-boat U-166 was attacked and sunk by the U.S. Navy Patrol Craft 566. As the only U-boat lost in the Gulf of Mexico, the U-166 represents an important piece of Louisiana and U.S. maritime history. 

Discovered and identified in 2001 by Dan Warren and Rob Church of C&C Technologies External Link, the U-166 rests in 5,000 ft of water some 50 mi southeast of New Orleans. 

We get a look at how the vessel, built to destroy, is providing life to colonies of undersea creatures. Thank You to Dr. Robert Ballard and the crew of the Nautilus for providing this view.

The site where U-166 lies, at 28°37′N 90°45′W Coordinates: 28°37′N 90°45′W has now been designated a war grave due to its crew of 52 being entombed there, and is protected from any future attempts to salvage it. The Ship is in 2 pieces & We get to see both up close.....


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