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On Island Hikers Club's youtube channel, I've found this story about a B-24 crash site. I've tried to found more information and images, but it has been imposible mission. Here leave the story just like they tell us.

In 1943, after taking off from a military Base in Waller Field a B24 Bomber crashed into the Northern Range. On board were 9 American Soldiers killed in the accident. The crash site located between Aripo and Cumaca overlooking the Valencia Dam. In 1993 a team of soldiers headed by Commander Gaylord Kelshall climbed the strenuous mountains to discover the wreckage. Speaking with Commander Kelshall, a historian, pilot and chief of Special Forces at that time. He commented, “The aircraft had 12 guns only 3 discovered in the bushes the others buried in the forest. A lot of the engine parts are still there. He remembered on that day a snake bit a soldier and an officer ran all the way to Valencia to get the Helicopter. The soldier was made to lie down and wait until help arrived. As a commander he remembered it was one of his most challenging explorations.




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