This is the vehicle of Brigade's commander Major Kurt Kühme, commander of the StuG-Brigade 280 - he is the helmeted man standing up in the turret. During the day, Kühme' gun had received a direct hit from a Piat bomb on the armour plating - which did no harm except to produce a large dent and remove dome of the Zimmerit. The damage can be seen to the left of the gun.

Field Marshal Model ordered it to Arnhem so only the 3rd Battery was committed to the battle. This consisted of seven Stug IIIs and three StuH42s commanded by Mathes. None of the unit's assault guns were lost during the battle. 3/StuG Brigade 280 entered the battle west of Arnhem Bridge on September 19 and played a major role in repulsing attacks by four British battalions.


(Source: PK Jacobsen on Onderlangs - Bundesarchiv)

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