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"What a story it is, straight out of a Commando comic book." the guardian Jeremy Clarkson tells the story of one of the most daring operations of World War II -- the Commando raid on the German occupied dry dock at St. Nazaire in France on 28th March 1942. It was an operation so successful and...read more


VE Day celebrated on 7 (Western Allies) or 8 (Russia) May 1945 marks the end of World War II in Europe but, is it true?

The act of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces ...read more

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In this episode we’re looking at the attempts to disrupt and destroy Germany's access to heavy water, which was essential for their atomic research.

If that sounds familiar that could be because you’ve seen the film ...read more

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The Dieppe Raid, also known as the Battle of Dieppe, Operation Rutter and, later, Operation Jubilee, was a Second World War Allied attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe. The raid took place on the northern coast of France on 19 August 1942. The assault began at 5:00 a.m. and by 10:50 a.m...read more


28 de Marzo de 1942, 611 commandos británicos se embarcan en una misión para destruir el dique seco de St.Nazaire el único en toda Europa capaz de albergar al acorazado Tirpitz,en lo que sera conocido como la incursión mas grande de la historia,sera esta misión un fracaso o un éxito que cambie...read more

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